About the project

What is the project “We for us! Self-advocacy of Refugees with Disabilities and/or Chronic Illnesses in Germany.”?

In this project, refugee people with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses are invited to get to know each other and talk to each other in order to help each other with their experiences. Often, people with disabilities and refugee experiences are spread out in Germany and do not have the opportunity to meet regularly with others who have similar concerns and understand them. With the weekly groups there is the possibility to talk every week with people who have similar experiences and not feel alone.

In the group it is then possible to say what is needed, what problems exist and the other participants but also we as ISL can support to find ways and solutions. If, for example, it turns out that there are many open questions about the possibilities of care in the case of disabilities, we can plan an event at which reports are given on this and questions can be asked on this topic. We can also invite individuals to meetings who can then answer questions. It is important here that the refugees themselves can decide together what they need and help themselves and not other people dictate the offer. All people who are affected and also caring relatives or parents of children with disabilities can participate. If it turns out that other Zoom groups are desired, we can also offer groups on other days. We can talk about that in the groups.

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