Helpful links for advice

Nationwide advisory services:

Supplementary independent participation advice

Supplementary independent participation advice

Advisory websites of the federal government

Here you will find advice pages of the federal government, such as Germany4Ukraine

Refugee Law Clinic

Legal advice for refugees. Free of charge and distributed throughout Germany.

German Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Germany-wide help for blind and visually impaired Ukrainians

Deaf Refugees

This is a nationwide network dedicated to providing help to deaf refugees!

Here is a Ukrainian info site for people with disabilities and older people in Germany

Die Sputniks e.V.

Association of Russian-speaking families with children with impairments in Germany

In processing

In processing

Advisory services of the federal states:


Advisory services from the city of Berlin

In progress

In progress

We’re working on adding more information here soon!

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