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Self-representation of refugees with disabilities and/or chronic diseases in Germany!

With the Interessenvertretung Selbstbestimmt Leben in Deutschland e.V.

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“Nothing about us without us” – this is the principle according to which ISL works and according to which people with a refugee background should also be able to act and represent their own interests. Far too often, other people speak for people with a refugee background. Especially when there is multiple discrimination, there is a danger that others always speak for you and make decisions for you. In order to change this, the regular Zoom events will on the one hand provide the opportunity for exchange and planning of political self-advocacy, but also for exchange and mutual support in the sense of “peer support”, because no one knows better about the situation than the people who have experienced it. There will also be events to inform about self-advocacy in Germany and to answer open questions about advocacy issues.


From the project “We for us! Self-representation of refugees with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses in Germany!” project, which was funded by the German Foundation for Commitment and Volunteering until the end of 2022, the “Network of Ukrainian people with disabilities in Germany” was created.

This network meets every Wednesday from 5 to 7 pm via the online platform Zoom.

For questions please write to

If you would like to participate just click on the following link on Wednesdays 5pm:

Everything about the project: We for us

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