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We for us!

Self-representation of refugees with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses in Germany!

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Welcome to the project “We for us!”

“Nothing about us without us” – the ISL works according to this principle and people with a refugee background should also be able to act and represent their own interests according to this principle. Far too often, other people speak for people with a refugee background. Above all, when there is multiple discrimination, there is a risk that others will always speak for you and make decisions. In order to change this, the regular zoom events are intended to provide the opportunity for exchange and planning of political self-representation, but also for exchange and mutual support in the sense of “peer support”, because no one knows better about the situation than the people who have experienced it. There will also be events that provide information on self-representation in Germany and to answer open questions.

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Current events

The exchange groups are now on winter break. From 18.1.2023 (Wednesday) the meetings will take place again online via the platform Zoom! Information can then be found at this point!

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Other events:

Online meetings on Mondays

Every Monday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. from 24.10. there will be a meeting via Zoom in English.

Please register by Monday until 1pm, then registrations will only be accepted for the following week.

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Online meeting on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. from 26.10. a meeting via Zoom will be held in Ukrainian/Russian.

Please register by Wednesday until 3pm, then registrations will only be accepted for the following week.

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I want to participate!

Questions, comments, requests for the project – or the desire to participate and also to be involved in the planning, preparation and moderation of future meetings – please fill out the contact form here or send a message to

Past events >>

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