Chat for people with disabilities Ukraine-Germany

My name is Larysa Vorona.

( We are working on the translation of this page)

I am 100% disabled, I use a wheelchair.

I came to Germany with my son and husband on March 20, 2022, we live in Heikendorf near Kiel.

After I settled here in Germany, on April 16, 2022 I created a chat room in Telegram channel “Chat for people with disabilities Ukraine-Germany” to exchange information and help each other.

There are already more than 1400 people in this chat. And I run it for a year and a half.

I run it qualitatively and professionally, there is a lot of feedback and words of thanks from the chat participants about my work.

I like to work online and I am used to perform my tasks quickly, qualitatively and responsibly.

In this chat you will learn how to adapt in Germany, what documents you need to apply and confirm disability, learn about health insurance, about help for care, about financing aids for people with disabilities in Germany.

Here you will find ANSWERS to most questions 👈

We cover topics such as:

  • Disability and Care.
  • How to prepare for a doctor’s appointment
  • How to confirm a disability in Germany
  • The recognition of a disability in Germany
  • Application for recognition of a disability
  • Rights and benefits for disabled people in Germany
  • Additional needs
  • Letters and benefits
  • How to get the highest possible degree of need of care
  • Self-assessment form. MDK – degree of need for care. Adults.
  • Care degree calculator
  • Nursing degree calculator 2023 – preparation for the MDK visit.
  • Emergency medical care and doctor search
  • Co-payment exemption for medications and treatments in Germany
  • Teeth, what is covered by insurance
  • Free care products in a care box.
  • What you can get in Germany for a person with a disability
  • How I got an electric wheelchair, my experience
  • How to apply for a disability certificate: a description of the procedure
  • How to apply for a liability insurance for damages?
  • How to learn German independently
  • Online resources for learning German on your own
  • Integrative online German courses
  • Online German course for people with disabilities
  • How to find accommodation
  • How to search for apartments on
  • How to find temporary accommodation
  • How to find accommodation
  • What are the housing standards for people with disabilities?
  • Where can I see the Job Center’s standards for renting an apartment?
  • How do I get money to furnish an empty apartment?
  • Where can I get a printout from the bank for the Job Center?
  • Euro key for the toilet
  • Psychological help and support for Ukrainians
  • Help for people with disabilities in Germany
  • Where Ukrainians can find free legal assistance in Germany
  • Free telephone counseling for refugees with disabilities and their relatives

Contact: телеграм👇🏻


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